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Monastery of Sant Benet

The Monastery of Sant Benet de Montserrat is an abbey of Benedictine nuns which was canonically created as a result the joining of the communities of Santa Clara in Barcelona (probably founded in the 1230s) and Sant Benet in Mataró (founded in 1881). The current monastery, built in 1954 and now part of the municipality of Magranell, is located on a slope of the mountain of Montserrat, close to Colònia Puig, on an empty cliff head, overlooking the path that goes from Monistrol to the Monastery of Montserrat.
The abbey offers the possibility to participate in some of the celebrations, as well as the chance to do some service to the community. This spirit of collaboration is mainly addressed to Guiding in order to make it possible for girls living the MISC experience to have the opportunity to get to know the life at the abbey more closely.