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MISC Montserrat International Scout Centre ENG

Natural surroundings

MISC is fully integrated into the natural surroundings, featuring pre-designed routes (some of them specially intended for the work on spirituality) and many opportunities to discover the mountain and the hidden corners it offers. Activities like hiking and climbing are very popular in the mountain. So, it is very easy to follow marked routes like GR-172, GR-5/96, GR-5 even the Way of Saint James.

The geological origin of the massif is sedimentary. Over time, rain and wind have shaped its monoliths in different ways, which results in its current unique, incomparably beautiful appearance. Popular imagination has connected its silhouettes to human and animal shapes, given them names, and invented legends which explain their fantastic origin.

In Montserrat there are about 1.250 different plant species, and the prevailing vegetation is the holm oak and the laurestine, typical of Mediterranean forests. However, the changing climate in the massif results in species from dry areas growing next to those from humid areas.

The fauna is also very diverse. The most common species are the woodpigeon, the song thrush, the falcon, the squirrel, the wild goat, the wild boar and the salamander, among many others which, given some luck and some patience, may be found there.