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Abbey of Montserrat

The origin of religious life in Montserrat goes back to the 9th century. Since then, it has always hosted some kind of religious life. The chronology of the first centuries of its history is very unclear. It is believed to have been a priory until 1409, when it was raised to an abbey by Pope Benedict XIII, and it has kept this status up to the present day. Having become a place for worship and pilgrimage for the faithful from all over the world, Montserrat is one of the most important symbols of Catalonia.
From its beginning, Catalan Scouting and Guiding has been closely related to the monastery, so as to the creation of a Scout group which served the abbey for many years. This is now reflected in the many places and objects displaying Scout motifs which can be found both in the basilica and its surroundings.
The Benedictine community of Montserrat has always been a welcoming one, not only to Scouts and Guides but also to pilgrims, associations and organizations which, at any time in history, have looked for the refuge and retreat of the monastery and its surroundings.
The Sanctuary offers the possibility to participate in some of the celebrations, helping with the logistics or, more actively, in the preparation and the celebration itself.
Moreover, guidance and revision of the experience by a monk is also offered, making it possible to get to know the Monastic life.