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Cristina Bautista

Member of Tsunami Scout Group, from Vic (Barcelona)                                          

MISC offers both the space and the materials for participants not to worry about anything but the task they've come to carry out. To me, what's most important about MISC is that it can't really be explained... It needs to be lived.

My experience at MISC gave me the opportunity to accept the reality I was living as I packed, headed up the mountain, and walked a path I still didn't really know where to... a little after having made myself at home, I understood; I was walking into my own depths, into myself.

Once there, in my insides, I could recognise the potential, that inner treasure I often only see in other people. Was that possible? Did I also have it myself? Yes, I did. And it was starting to surface. MISC gave me the space to make peace with myself, and to take off to a much smoother path... a calm one, bathed with serenity. A change of perspective, when beauty goes beyond all previous limits.

I talked about personal progress. But, as leaders, what can we take back to our group? To my understanding, building our own spiritual dimension helps us reach out to our kids and youth, to give them tools to work on their own. Because, to leave the world better than we found it, we need to go beyond our external surrounding. Maybe, we also have to dig into our own inner world.


Laura Ferrer

Catalunya Central Regional Commissioner                                          

To me, MISC was a turning point; I needed to escape the bustle of my daily activities and the excessive inputs that surrounded me, which wouldn't let me here my inner self. I needed a break!

That's why I decided to go, and to go alone. I have to say that, before getting there, I was a bit lost and I didn't know how I'd feel. But as soon as I met the woman who gave me the materials, I felt much calmer, and felt sure it would be a great experience. Also, as soon as I started to read the booklets, I understood they'd be a great help for the 5 days to come.

The truth is I had many things to work on and I didn't really know where to start from. The materials at MISC helped me follow an order. At the beginning, I opened many issues and I was afraid I wouldn't close them all. However, as days went by, I found the way to handle each one of them. In the end, I felt full of energy, and ready to walk the way I'd designed at the top of the magic mountain.

I really appreciate that the materials presented different alternatives and that they were conscious about different spiritual options. I was a bit concerned about this beforehand.

Last, I want to thank all who’ve done their bit to create MISC. I also want to encourage everyone who hasn't still been there to take this opportunity to enjoy this experience. I hope it will also be your turning point.


Carla Vidal Barrera

Leader at the Els Vàndals Scout Group, from Campdevànol (Girona)                                     

I still now ask myself what brought me to MISC. It may have been nothing, or everything altogether. Maybe the will to know where we come from and where we are going, or to discover Montserrat, or the determination to discover myself... I believe something drew me to live a new scout adventure, a life-changing adventure you remember for the rest of your life. 

Thanks to the activities at MISC, I’ve worked on my emotional dimension. I have thus been able to close chapters in my life which had left a mark, and to thank people with whom I’ve lived great experiences for having played such a part in my personal development. And above all, I have learned to understand others and myself, and to forgive others and to forgive myself.

I will always remember the moments I’ve lived these days, but I will specially remember my conversation with Sister Montserrat form the Sant Benet monastery, who I heartfully thank for the sincerity and the peace she conveyed.
I’m very much looking forward to giving kids (and leaders) the tools that will help them work on their own emotional dimension, an aspect I consider utterly important for everyone’s personal development.

So my stay at MISC didn’t come to a real end. Having started on a Friday afternoon and with the plan to stay until Sunday, come the moment, I decided to stay for one more day. I would have liked to do the whole six-day programme, so I’m surely going to go back to finish my stay.

These days in Montserrat I’ve heard the mountain speak, and what you hear is the sound of your own self.