Minyons Escoltes i Guies de Catalunya

MISC Montserrat International Scout Centre ENG


Spiritual, cultural and natural values in Montserrat are completely in tune with the Scout and Guide idiosyncrasy. So, the mountain becomes a perfect setting for the work of spirituality from all sides.

The essence of MISC is:
  • A vital place of recess, in where to open your eyes to life, and of discovery.
  • An opportunity to appreciate one’s origins, enjoy the present moment and build a strong life project.
  • A unique and special place, Montserrat, full of possibilities to find oneself and to find God.
  • A personal gift to review one’s vital path, reaffirm convictions and fill one’s personal bag-pack with hope.
  • A fascinating surrounding which connects our soul with nature.
  • Scouting and Guiding, an option for life, a commitment with the world, to service.
Methodologically speaking, the experience is based on self-management. There is a proposal of daily activities, and each Scout/Guide follows their own personal path. Even if participating in a small group, it is advisable to do activities individually.

Each participant will have materials specially created for the occasion, created for people who want to share life and listen to themselves. There are paths and mountains to walk; written documents to work with and deepen in; silences to experience inner peace. It is all planned to help you lead your own adventure. So it will all depend on each person.